Overview of Industry Services

Recording and Production Services

CMS Productions offers a variety of production services in audio recording, audio post, and live sound reinforcement. A state of the art recording facility enables clients to overdub, mix, and master music projects. Clients may use in house staffing, or hire independent engineers and producers.

CMS also provides facilities for voice over, foley, and sound effects. Surround and stereo mastering are also available. Clients may also bring video stems for audio tracking and or mixing to picture. Tape based systems and current digital recording systems combine with top of the line tube ,solid state, digital, and traditional music instruments to create musical and post products. All in the beautiful relaxed environment of the Sierra Foothills.

A state of the art concert sound system is also available for large outdoor venues or clubs. We feature products from Bag End, Shure, Hafler, Horizon, Aphex, and TC Electronics to create a high quality sound system for the discriminating performing artist.

Music Industry Education Master Classes

CMS is proud to offer an exciting and highly motivating "master class level" of selected industry topics. Intimate small "day" or "series" courses cater to the artist and individual looking for a class format in todays everchanging entertainment industry. Students have an opportunity to meet and learn from some of the "hottest and most respected" industry producers, writers, musicians, record label, promotion, and pubisher talent in the business. Some of our guest lecturers include Marcus Barone, H. Richard Etlinger, Larry Dee, Ira Nepus, Susan Rabin, Lauraine Bacon, John Rotundi, Simon Wright, Roberta Donnay, Andre Pessis, Mike Lawson, Nick Phillips, Mark Hill, Larry Batiste, Dan Kimpel, and other top name "working professionals". CMS is excited to bring this caliber professional to the Sacramento Valley region. In addition , CMS is proud to support and integrate with international, national, and regional industry organizations such as Music Industry Consortium of Sacramento, The Recording Academy, Audio Engineering Society, West Coast Songwriters Association, ASCAP, BMI, and SAG, AFM, and AFTRA unions.

Artist Development

We provide the unique services of artist development and limited management. Clients can consult on a "one time basis", or a "package" system to fit budget and career needs. Evaluation, direction, industry awareness, networking, coordination, tour preparation, songwriting direction, musical development, image consulting, budgeting needs, promotional packaging, and label prep, are some of the issues needed for a successful and fruitful career in the industry. Issues of long and short term goals can be discussed, planned, and navigated. This unique consultation service provides current and future artists a much needed "road map" to jump start careers. CMS provides a "custom" plan to fit individual direction.

Product Consultation

CMS Services also provide product consultation for studio design, recording products, music instruments, and live sound systems. We cater to business owners, musicians, educational facilities, churches, and other clients needing audio and or product needs. From portable systems to permanent facility needs, CMS can design and draw up plans for each individual project. Our clients include colleges, high schools, churches, sound reinforcement, service organizations, recording studios, music , and performing groups.

A large network of product relations over 30 years has enabled CMS to acheive great prices and service for customer projects.

Songwriting Services

Songwriting evaluation, education, and career issues for songwriters pose a complex challenge to maintaining a career in the publishing songwriter world. CMS is pleased to offer networking, recording, publishing, and education services for musicians, lyricists, composers, and related talent. Song styles, genres, and collaboration issues are also consulted on. Songwriting business can also be consulted between writers and other creative talent. Our goal is to provide high levels of service to the important role of songwriting and the opportunities for lrycisits, composers, and publishers in the music industry.