West Coast Songwriters Association -
The West Coast Songwriters Association, formerly Northern California Songwriters, is the largest songwriting association West of Nashville supporting industry events for publishers, writers, and music business needs. Located in the San Francisco area under longtime manager Ian Crombie, WCS promotes and provides the networking and integration for writer talent and music business opportunities.

The Recording Academy -
The Recording Academy, or National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences is the definitive international organization dedicated to the preservation of music education, the recording arts and industry, health and welfare for members, and archiving and preservation of recorded historical audio. Host of the Internationally acclaimed Grammies, the Recording Academy is the largest non profit association for the musical & industry community. The Academy also is home to Music Cares, The Grammy Foundation, Grammy in the Schools, Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, & The Producer and Engineers Wing.

Audio Engineering Society -
AES , or Audio Engineering Society is the worlds largest organization dedicated to the promotion, and preservation of the audio arts, and education. Headquartered in New York City, AES spans the globe from Europe Asia, Australia, South America, and North America. AES sponsors both professional and student chapters throughout the world, supporting & promoting the world of audio . AES is the host for the AES international conventions, and the AES Tech Awards.

California Lawyers for the Arts -
Sacramento contact:
California Lawyers for the Arts becomes the site for artist referral, education, and material reference for all individuals in the artistic fields. With branches throughout California, and headquartered in San Francisco, CLA represents important communication and networking for working artists and the legal community. All students, working artists in all areas, and legal industry are invited to join this all important organization.

(American Society Composers, Authors, Publishers)
ASCAP is Americas oldest society for performing rights issues and collections for all composers, publishers, and authors of creative works. Not only does ASCAP collect performing rights income, but ASCAP becomes the leader in preserving rights of creative works and creators, educating all members in issues and opportunities for creative development, an extensive member packet, and issues scholarships and awards in programs and events for all members to apply.


Shure Bro. -
The definitive manufacturer of microphones and product accessories, Shure is the world's largest maker of microphones and product accessories. From corporate and business use, to world stage and studio applications Shure leads the way in audio excellence and support for users worldwide. From the world wide standard of the SM57 model to the KSM studio series and wireless microphones, Shure supplies the sound heard across the globe.

Bag End Loudspeakers -
Bag End Loudspeakers celebrates its 20+ years in the audio industry with a line of professional high end speaker systems for studio, sound reinforcement, and musical instrument use for all musicians, studios, and sound reinforcement system professionals. The Bag End Time Align and ELF patents define balanced, musical and critical definitions for the highest demand of audio reproduction.

TC Electronic -
The TC Electronic line has grown to be one of the most highly respected and sought after products in the music industry. Home of the award winning TC 6000 reverb processor to the standard 2290 guitar studio chorus, TC Electronic becomes the leader in all phases of audio effects to audio processing. The TC Electronic product line becomes indispensable in all areas from recording, concert sound, music instrument setups, and software applications for computers.

Drum Workshop -
Drum Workshop or known simply as DW, has become America's choice for critical drum sets and hardware. The DW line has grown from its initial location in Newberry Park to its present site in Oxnard, Ca. to become the industry's leading manufacturer of premier drum sets and drum hardware. More recording sessions, tours, and studios demand the ultimate sound of DW drums than any other drum set. Though, there are many choices in the percussion world, DW has maintained their reputation as a leader and innovator for all to follow. DW now brings the DW reputation of drum sets to an affordable market with high quality drum sets and hardware , at costs for all working and aspiring players. From the studio to the road, Drum Workshop products remain a top choice for the discriminating performer.

Sabian Inc. (Sabian Cymbals) -
Sabian Inc. is one of the world's top manufacturer of cymbal product. Located in Meductic Canada, Sabian has grown from its modest opening in the early eighties to become an innovator of all metal cymbals and accessories. Sabian offers one of the worlds largest selection and customization of creative musical sounding products. From gongs, crotales, cymbal trees, hand cymbals, rides, crashes, hi hats, chinas, splashes, and all specialty product, no stone has been left unturned to provide the performer, listener, and studio with the ultimate in timbre, color, and sound.

Remo -
The Remo Corporation is the world's largest manufacturer of drumheads. Founded by Remo Belli, Remo products and the word, "Remo", invoke an indelible mark with the percussion world, its education, and promotion. More percussionists use Remo heads and product than any other line on the globe. The mylar plastic head first introduced by Remo Belli, changed the percussion instrument use, application, and marketing in the industry. Remo has now expanded into its hugely successful world percussion line, along with its popular drumsets and marching product accessories. From the first marketing of heads, to world percussion and drum sets, Remo maintains it's position as a leader in percussion,drum technology, and education.

Vic Firth (Vic Firth Drumsticks) -
Vic Firth is one of the most respected percussionists and educators in the world. There is no one else that the percussion world admires and adheres to the standards Vic Firth has promoted and risen to as a player, teacher, author, and innovator of percussion technique and music performance. It was no exception that Vic opened up his business of Vic Firth Sticks and accessories. The business has now grown to become one of the leading companies in all areas of drum sticks, mallets, and accessories for every leading percussionist and performer in the business. The Vic Firth line exemplifies the same level of musicianship, detail, dedication, and perseverance that Vic has established in the performing field. Vic Firth is all about music and education and Vic Firth sticks clearly defines the word "leader", in to days percussion market.

Aphex Systems -
Aphex Systems has been at the forefront of audio processing for over 20 years. Located in Southern California, Aphex continues its long standing tradition of high quality compressors, limiters, gates, aural exciters, and digital converters to the studio and live sound market. No studio or system is complete without Akphex product in their racks. Models such as Compellor, Dominator, Big Bottom, and Aural Exciter, and Expressor are standards in the industry. With new products such as the Thermionic mic pre and digital converters, Aphex remains at the forefront of audio processing.

Antares Audio Technologies -
Imagination, creativity, and engineering all combine into the unique software and hardware products of Antares Audio Technologies. Antares burst onto the scene with the highly regarded pitch corrector ATR 1 for software and rack mount hardware. The unit set a new standard of engineering excellence and recording necessity for studios and live performance. Antares has since followed with new software and hardware product for digital consoles and recording systems.

Millennia Media -
Millennia Media has quickly established themselves as a premier line of unsurpassed studio quality compressors, limiters, mic pres, EQs, input sections, and direct boxes. Without a doubt, Millennia product is one of the most sought after product for world class audio. Almost every major mastering house and recording facility includes the Millennia line in their rooms. To say the least, the Millennia product line holds nothing back in creating top notch equipment for the discriminating recording studio.

Full Compass -
Full Compass provides the unique combination of audio product, lighting, and video equipment for the audio and video market. With great pricing, service, and product, Full Compass is truly a complete business for the recording studio, music artist, lighting company, live sound , and digital video owner.

Kurzweil Music Systems -
The Kurzweil line of keyboards and processing remains a fixture and standard among top composers, studios, and touring performers. The K2600 keyboard has established itself as a "need" to have tool for the serious professional. With its success Kurzweil has developed a complete line of keyboards to fit any level of performance in the studio or road. Kurzweil also enters into the surround market with their new surround processor ensuring a complete system for the studio and composer for today's competitive market.

Horizon Manufacturing -
Horizon Manufacturing is a leader of custom audio cables and hardware. Direct Boxes, splitter boxes, combiners, and any combination of line, mic and digital cables can be custom made, stocked. For more information contact Karen Griffen in sales.

Industry Business

GC Pro -
GC pro is the professional division of the Guitar Center Organization. The new department services the professional sound contractor, studio owner, touring professional, and industry business with custom service and sales.

Atlas pro audio -
Atlas pro audio is an industry leader for high end studio recording outboard gear, microphones, and recording equipment for the discriminating studio engineer, producer, and owner.

Capitol Mastering -
Capitol Mastering has been a staple and icon of the recording industry. Located in Hollywood, California, Capitol Mastering is the mastering department for Capitol Recording Studios in the famous Capitol Records building. The mastering division services all clients from label artists, to the independent client.

John Braheny -
John and Joann Braheny have been pioneers in the publishing and songwriting industry. Their website is a national calender of tours, workshops, news, and opportunities for networking and attending their many clinics and industry events. Centered in Los Angeles, California, the Brahneny's attend and sponsor many songwriting, publishing, and music events throughout the world.

Nfocus entertainment -
NFocus Entertainment is a multi tiered corporation headquartered in the ever expanding region of Orange County, California. The corporation houses NFE Records, distributed by EMI, full production facilities for audio and video, and company office spaces. The corporation continues expansion into the record and entertainment industry with new ventures and artist releases. Creative Music Services is now the Northern California contact for NFE Entertainment.

VM2 Productions -
VM2 Productions is the brainchild of producer/director Roland K. Smith. Located in Rocklin, California, VM2 offers a variety of services including Preproduction, Production site selection, Post Editing, Packaging, Audio, voiceover , and mastering to DVD or any other format. Roland brings his broad professional background from television, film, music videos, and documentaries to an exciting new level to Northern California and the music and DVD industry. Mr. Smith is is also a product demo specialist for Pinnacle Systems.

Awakening Productions -
Awakening Productions is a combination recording and concert sound production company. They are the largest concert sound system in Northern California using custom Bag End Cabinets. Awakening Productions provides the large festival, rave dance scene, weddings and celebrations with the ultimate in clean clear audio fidelity, staging, lighting, and music backline needs. Headed by well known musican/producer/owner Joey Wisgirda Awakening Productions understands the needs of artists, events, and musical needs to present an ultimate professional audio system for live or recording clients.

Coopdeville Productions -
Coopdeville Productions is the creation of world renown guitarist/vocalist/producer/writer Marc Cooper. Located in the beautiful Lake Shasta Redding, California area, Marc provides the latest in guitar performance for studio or tours, clinics, and music production for Northern California. Coopdeville Productions also provides a state of the art recording facility for albums, voiceover, and musical needs. Marc is also the author of a number of guitar method books currently available. Check out Coopdeville Productions for custom guitar work, songwriting, product consultation, studio booking , and educational needs.