Industry Education

Industry Education Topics

We now offer educational small “master” class workshops with musicians, composers, producers, managers, songwriters, engineers, authors, and other industry consultants and professionals from around the country.

Attendees can enjoy a day in an informal and creative environment with our guest lecturer.

Please check with us regarding
availability and time. classes will be on a first registered basis and either 1 session or a small “series” format.

Industry Class Areas
  • The Recording Industry
  • Record Labels
  • Record Distribution
  • Contracts
    (recording, publishing, booking, management, touring)
  • History of the Recording Industry
  • Recording Studio Techniques
    (tracking,micing, mixing, mastering etc)


  • Songwriting lyrics and music
  • Publishing Business for Music
  • TV and Film music use


  • Music instrument master classes (all instruments)
  • Vocal workshops
  • Composing for TV, film, house music
  • Popular Songwriting
  • Stage performance evaluation and development


  • Music Industry Overview
  • Endorsements
  • Image
  • Publicity